All the partners, coordinated by the FB8 - Alma Mons (Serbia), contribute then to the realization of a Project Capitalization Plan in which all the studies, analysis and best practices gathered are collected. All the data collected from previous experiences concerning freight transport are then used to form a shared web-based database available for all FBs in order to enhance the know-how and to support the work to be done of the others workpackages. WP3 aims in particular at capitalizing previous experiences of the partners in order to plan long-lasting sustainability of project’s results through the definition of a Project Sustainability Strategy. This sustainability will be ensured through MoUs/Letters of Intent signed with public authorities and policy makers.

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Finest finalises the production of the Investment Planning Manual Scheme

The staff managed by Finest finalises the production of the Investment Planning Manual Scheme, to be shared with the Veneto Region project leader. The Manual is the planning tool for recommendations and guidelines for future private and public investment in transport and intermodularity between Adriatic area countries. It is addressed to all local government institutions of the Eastern Adriatic Countries (EAC) and all companies interested in promoting investment in port and dry port areas in the EAC area.

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