Workpackage 1 is coordinated by the Lead Beneficiary Veneto Region (Italy) and it represents the effective and smooth management of the project. WP1 deals wiht all the issues related to the implementation of project’s activities, timeframe and deadlines. It moreover deals with the management, involvement and coordination of the Steering Working Group, of the Technical Working Group and of the Internal Monitoring Committee which concretely took decision in the name of the partnership of the project.

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8th Project Steering Committee

Place: CASA VENETO Avenue de Tervuren, 67 - 1040 Bruxelles

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The 7th Project Steering Committee will be held in Belgrade next 21.04.2016

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EASYCONNECTING 6th Project Steering Committee in CORFU’ (Greece)

Organized by FB1 (Corfù Port Authority)

On the week from 21 to 25 September 2015 (1,5 days)


Further details will come as soon as possible in the following weeks.

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The Chamber of Commerce of Campobasso has issued Public Notices for selection of external experts for WP 3, 5, 6 - deadline 27.03.2015, 01:00 p.m.

The Chamber of Commerce of Campobasso, as partner of the EASYCONNECTING project, funded by IPA CBC Programme, on March, 9th  2015 has begun the procedures for the selection of external experts to be assigned for specialized activities foreseen by the project planned in 2015.

No. 3 Public Notices were published (one for each of WPs concerned). The experts having the requirements set by the notices can present their applications according to rules and conditions prescribed in the Notices, available at www.cb.camcom.it

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EASYCONNECTING's starting date

The Easyconnecting project was formally approved with a deviation on its main timeframe consisting in an anticipated beginning established on the first day of November 2013.

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JULY 10 - 11, 2014 – Novi Sad, SERBIA

Easyconnecting project, Improving intermodal and sustainable freight solutions in Adriatic Region, presented during the Assembly of AP Vojvodina.

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