WP7.2 Status quo and ongoing activities

Written by finest Published at 06 Nov 2015

Finest (FB6) is responsible of the overall coordination and management of the EASYCONNECTING Pilot Actions in the different sites. The EASYCONNECTING Pilot Plan has been produced for guiding you towards effective design, planning, full implementation and final assessment of pilot actions. The Pilot Plan is aimed at supporting the identification of appropriate pilot action for each site covering the two pilot actions typologies (i.e. new experimental shipping services and small infrastructural investments), providing standard framework for description, reporting and assessment of pilot action which is under implementation in each pilot site.

The pilot projects will be implemented by Corfù Port Authority (FB1), Ravenna Port Authority (FB4), Dubrovnik Neretva County (FB10), Levante Port Authority (FB11). In this phase the activities are related to the implementation of the pilot action (including launch of tender for infrastructural design and implementation and/or services provision, construction and operation works, etc.) and on the collection of performance indicators concerning the monitoring of the processes carried on.

Relevant technical reports will finally report all the activities implemented in the pilot sites as well as assess final results by means of performance indicators. 


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