WP7.1 Status quo and ongoing activities

Written by finest Published at 10 Dec 2015

Finest (FB6) with the support of the involved Project Partners is finalizing 9 studies and analysis concerning the current deficiencies and weaknesses of current intermodal centres. These case studies are:

1.Port of Corfu (FB1): Subsystem for access control (vehicles and personnel) in the controlled area of ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security) of the Corfu port; Subsystem for control of cruise ship passengers that visit the port

2.Abruzzo Freight Village (FB2): Project Financing for Abruzzo Freight Village

3.Port of Termoli (FB5): Termoli Web-S4S (services for shipments)

4.Port of Novi Sad (FB9): River Information Services - Transport and Logistics Services (RIS TLS) implemented in the port  

5.Port of Ploče (FB10): Entrance terminal with operating and control information system regarding gate in/out procedures

6.Port of Levante (FB11): Small investment to improve bulk goods unloading operation in the port area

7.Port of Primoska (FB12): Research and optimisation models for railway trains

8.Jesi Freight village & Port of Ancona (FB13): Improving the connection between logistics hubs and railway network

9.Port of Venice (LB): feeder service with Port of Trieste

Finest (FB6) is also carrying on the activities related to the development of Guidelines for a common and innovative model of intermodal logistic centre.
The final document, planned for March 2016, will provide specific recommendations for planning, implementation and managing efficient intermodal logistics centres, transferable in IPA area. Specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) will be defined for the assessment of operation and management performances of existing intermodal logistics centres.


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