MicroInvestments Programme to be realized in the Port of Termoli regarding the creation of a "web service" and an advanced IP platform

Written by campobassocomm Published at 24 Nov 2014

The Chamber of Commerce of Campobasso, as partner of the EASYCONNECTING project, funded by IPA CBC Programme, has launched the procedures for the implementation of an initiative aimed at improving the accessibility and usability of the port of Termoli and the creation of conditions needed for the development of the same port as area of freight traffic in close correlation with the ports of the Adriatic basin and more generally of the IPA areas.

The project idea is the result of positive dialogue and cooperation with project’s partnership, regional institutions responsible for transport and maritime issues, other IPA Strategical Projects dealing with transport issues (such as EASYWAY and TISAR).

On the Chamber of Commerce website, at the address www.cb.camcom.it is available documentation regarding the Competitive dialogue for the planning and implementation of a Web Service software system  as well as the preliminary and final planning of an IP transport network to be made in the infrastructural area of Termoli’s port.

(IPA Cross Border Cooperation Programme - Project Easyconnecting - Code: 1°STR /0002 CUP - H36G14000000005)


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