CORFU - 6th Project Steering Committe in Corfu. September 24th- 25th, 2015

Written by finest Published at 01 Oct 2015

Finest presented the program of the training course of the formative initiatives referred to the activities of transport, mobility and logistics. It has been attributed specific attention to the problems linked to the transport companies activity and to their capacity to be competitive in a difficult international market. The programme of formation in transport and logistics can be divided in some formative areas:  

- a cycle of lessons finalized to offer to the participants a general overview of the transport market situation and of the different transport modes characteristics;

a module destined to the study of the logistics management, particularly related to the planning activities of the transport companies;

a module dedicated to the learning of the juridical issues, with specific attention to the international context and to the transport sector regulations;

a module dedicated to the telematics instruments that will have an increasing importance in the transport and logistics activities. 

For the basic course the objective is the creation of professional figures having specific competences in services acquisition, services planning, fleet and staff management and in all the other functions linked to the transport and logistics activities. The formative initiative with the e-learning modality will be completed by seminars, lectures and practical training.


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