"Conference and Macro-theme meeting", Belgrade October 27th, 2015

Written by finest Published at 21 Oct 2015

The International Conference “New innovative transport solutions in the region, competences improvement and capacity building”, organized by Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia, in collaboration with Logistics Section, Veneto Region, will present some results about EASYCONNECTING Strategic Project. Numerous speakers will illustrate the themes of the Project Easyconnecting related to possibilities for development of intermodal transport and transport network development in the Serbian region.

In the afternoon other speakers will present specific programs to increase the capacity to build and improve the competences in the  intermodal transport.

Topics covered will be those below:

- National regulations covering safety and health in logistics operations facilities (internal transport in intermodal centres, warehouses, outbound logistics etc.)

- Logistics technician as secondary schools programme – Serbian experience, needs and issues

- Examples and needs of Veneto Region in adoption of a specific training courses for secondary or higher education on logistic and transports issues.



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