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Written by campobassocomm Published at 26 Aug 2015

NATIONAL WORKSHOP ON TRANSPORT AND LOGISTICS – WP4 “ “Contribution of IPA CBC Projects to the implementation of EUSAIR Strategy: cooperation among public and private stakeholders for setting up of further development actions” - Campobasso, September 11th , 2015

The Chamber of Commerce of Campobasso, in collaboration with the Region of Molise is organizing a National Workshop on Transport and Logistics that will be to be held in Campobasso on September, 11th 2015, starting from the experiences of three current IPA projects (Easyconnecting , Easea-Way and TISAR).

The workshop will take place at the Centrum Palace Hotel, Via G. Vico,2/A in Campobasso, beginning at 9:30 am and closure around 17:30.

The event represents an opportunity for discussion among the partnerships of the three projects and regional institutions involved in the new territorial cooperation programme named “ADRION”, in order to define the best forms of cooperation enabling them to propose and develop project ideas capable to implement the Pillars of EUSAIR Strategy, managing as best as possible the transition from IPA CBC to new territorial cooperation programmes.

Italian and foreign partners of the three projects are invited to attend the event as well as companies dealing with transport and logistics, sectorial associations, trade associations, representatives of study and research centres, managers of logistics platforms and freight villages, in order to strengthen opportunities for future initiatives of Public-Private Partnership and a more and better cooperation between the public and private sector in the definition of development policies able to implement innovative and eco-friendly mode of transportation and logistics solutions that support the development and connection of the territories that gravitate on the Adriatic basin as well as inside of the same.

For a better logistic organization of the event, we invite you to send us by e-mail your registration form to the address:

(IPA Cross Border Cooperation Programme - Project Easyconnecting - Code: 1°STR /0002 CUP - H36G14000000005)


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