Local Dissemination Event - “Cohesion for Development: Transport Intermodality as the Keystone”

Written by regionemarche Published at 14 Dec 2016

Within the framework of the EASYCONNECTING project, Marche Region organized a local event, held in Ancona on 02 September 2016, at the margins of the Conference “MACROREGIONE ADRIATICO-IONICA, COESIONE PER LO SVILUPPO”. The Conference aimed at presenting the current EUSAIR state of the art by focusing on PILLAR 2 “Connecting  the Region” perspectives and on the results achieved by the ETC projects carried out by Marche Region.

During the Conference, some of the most relevant outputs and results produced by the regional working team were presented. A territorial analysis of the main infrastructural bottlenecks and transport service inefficiencies were carried out on the basis of an interview conducted with more than 400 local companies working in the field of logistic. The Analysis leaded to the elaboration of a proposals’ pack for the local transport services enhancement. An interesting study about new intermodal logistic solutions and services, such as Reverse Logistics, was also elaborated showing the potential benefit of the sector for the regional economy. A further project’s outcome consist in the commitment to harmonise different ICT standards to foster the integration of maritime mobility in the Adriatic-Ionian area. These results were effectively narrated in an interactive video showed during the event.

The panel discussion that followed brought together Institutional representatives and logistic and transport experts to reflect on the infrastructural opportunities offered by intermodal transports. Main findings that arose from the panel discussion stressed the importance to invest in the intermodal sector in order to meet the ambitious challenge of increasing mobility while reducing gas emissions (in compliance with the new EU comprehensive strategy “Transport 2050”), to support an effective implementation of the EUSAIR pillars and to further strengthen the future economic development of both the regional territory and the whole  IPA area. These recommendations  represent a useful contribution to design an effective common strategy on transport and logistics at European level.

We wish to thank the numerous participants fort their active interest in the Conference’s topics.


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